What is Facebook?

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Where to Start?
Here are two screencast tutorials exploring how to create a Facebook Group and how we could use it to facilitate learning (needs to be updated):

Facebook for Learning?


A Few Tips Before Starting:
  • Create a separate account just for your courses.
  • Manage privacy settings.
  • Ask students to put you on limited access to their pages.
  • Create lists.
  • Get over the term "friend" inviting atmosphere.

Useful Facebook tools (apps)?

  • Twitter
    This app will automatically update your Facebook status from Twitter.
  • SlideShare
    SlideShare offers an easy way to create and share presentations on Facebook.
  • Google Reader
    Show your shared items to friends on Facebook with the Google Reader app. 
  • Notes
    Share your life with your friends through written entries. You can tag your friends in notes, and they can leave comments.  You can even import your blog postings so that they appear on the Notes page.
  • Mathematical Formulas
    You can find and share mathematical formulas and solutions with this application.
  • Study Groups
    Study Groups makes collaborating on group projects a snap.
  • Polls
    Take quick and easy polls among your group with this app.
  • Webinaria Screencast Recorder
    You’ll be able to record and share video using this app.
  • Translations
    Translate, review, and vote on translations on Facebook using this application.
  • DoResearch4me
    Get an easy way to find information with this app on Facebook.
  • WorldCat
    The WorldCat app will help you perform research and search your library’s collection from within Facebook.

Instead of Facebook, Why Not…

"While Facebook is a goldmine for connecting people and having social fun, Linkedin is the present and future goldmine for connecting students and ideas to the corporate world."
- Zaid Ali Alsagoff 
More Facebook Tips?